Benefits of Plyometric Exercises at Activbody Physical Therapy in Orange, CA

Benefits of Plyometric Exercises Also known as jump training, plyometric exercises have gained new popularity in recent years and individuals are seeking the assistance of physical therapists in performing the movements. Plyometrics utilize explosive movements to build muscle and increase power. Originally

Exercising Without Injuries

The intensity at which you exercise will determine what you get out of it. Do you want to lose body fat? If so, you need to exercise at a different intensity compared to someone who trains to build muscle/tone up. Unlike bones

Aquatic Exercises for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a common joint disorder. It is a normal result of aging and the regular wear-and-tear of the joints. Gaining weight is also one of the factors.  The bony surfaces at the joints are protected by a rubbery tissue called ‘cartilage’.